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community GUIDE: public services

(last revised, 2008-07-20.)

Humane Society 763-522-4325, 845 N Meadow Ln, Golden Valley. Shelter and give away; animal cruelty.
Animal "Control" Shelter 612-348-4250, 506 N 11th Ave.
Adoption, barking dogs, complaints, dog bites, enforcement.
Animal Care Foundation of Hennepin County 612-529-5060. Vet care and referral.

Bus, LRT Transit Information
24-hour schedule information 612-341-4287 (612-341-4BUS).
Metro Transit Operations 612-373-3333, www.metrotransit.org.
Metro Transit Lost & Found 612-373-3333.
Metro Mobility 651-221-0015.

City of Minneapolis Information
24-hour automated City Information 612-673-2489, (612-673-CITY).
All City Non-Emergency Information/Departments: 3-1-1 or 612-673-3000.
Media Center 612-673-2947 (Film, Video and Recording).
Nominate a Citizen for a Minneapolis Award 612-673-2491.

Communications - Pay Telephones
SE 27th Ave @ SE University Ave (in Prospect Park Metro Petro)
SE Bedford St @ SE University Ave (outside Speedway)

Communications - Post Office / Mailboxes & pickup times
University Station 612-378-1215, 2811 SE University Ave. M-F 8:30-5:00; Sat 10:00-12:00
Outside Mailboxes M-F 5:00a.m., 9:00a.m., 12:30p.m., 2:30p.m., 5:00p.m.; Sat 3:00p.m.

Dinkytown Station 1-800-ASK-USPS, 1315 SE 5th St

Communications - Other Mailboxes
SE Clarence Ave & SE University Ave: M-F 1:00p.m.
SE Malcolm Ave @ SE Orlin Ave: M-F 1:00p.m.
SE Bedford St @ SE University Ave: M-F 1:00p.m.
SE Emerald St @ SE Franklin Ave: M-F 1:00p.m.
SE 26th Ave @ SE University Ave: M-F 1:00p.m., 5:00p.m.; Sat 1:00p.m.
SE 30th Ave @ SE University Ave: M-F 1:00p.m.
SE Ontario St @ SE Washington Ave: M-F 1:00p.m., 5:00p.m.; Sat 1:00p.m.
SE Dartmouth St @ E. River Pkwy: M-F 1:00p.m.
SE Seymour Ave @ E. River Terr: M-F: 1:00p.m.
SE Erie St @ SE Essex St: M-F 1:00p.m.

Community Education (See Schools below.)
Pratt Community Education 612-668-1122, M-F 8 a.m.- 9 p.m. 66 SE Malcolm Ave

Community Television
City Cable 34, Minneapolis Telecommunications Network (MTN) 612-673-2234.

Adopt-A-Drain, adoptadrain@hamline.edu
Adopt-A-Lot 612-673-5165 (volunteer to maintain vacant lots).
Blooming Boulevards Awards 612-673-2597.
Boulevard Trees 612-370-4900.
Committee on Urban Environment (CUE) 612-673-3014.
Community Gardens 612-673-5229.
Energy conservation 612-348-6829.
Graffiti Hotline 612-673-2090 (reporting and removal).
Graffiti on freeways 612-582-1428.
Lead paint removal 612-673-2170.
Operation CleanSweep 612-673-2917. (neighborhood debris removal).
Pollution and Noise Management 612-673-5897.
Public Nuisance Noise 612-673-3015 (noisy parties after 10PM).

Fire Station
Fire Prevention 612-673-3290.
Fire Safety Audit 612-673-3270.
Station 19 612-673-5369, 200 SE Ontario St.

Housing (see Public Housing below)
Building Codes 612-673-5841.
Building Permits 612-673-5890.
Energy Conservation 612-335-5858.
Homestead Information 612- 673-2382.
MCDA Improvement Loan Program 612-673-5286.
MCDA Mortgage Loan Program 612-673-5286.
MCDA New Home Program 612-673-5225.

General Information 612-673-5800.
Report eyesores 612-673-5858 (junk cars, tall grass, trash, broken fences, etc.).
Fire Inspector 612-673-2546.

Southeast Arvonne Fraser Library 612-543-6725, 1222 SE 4th St.
Minneapolis Central Library 612-543-8000, 300 Nicollet Mall.
Hennepin County Library: www.hclib.org
East Lake Library, 612-543-8425, 2727 E. Lake St.
St. Anthony Park Public Library, 651-642-0411, 2245 Como Ave, St. Paul
Luxton Book Exchange, Luxton Community Center, 112 SE Williams Ave.

Little Free Libraries locations (tiny houses on boulevards)

  • SE 4th St. just east of SE Malcolm Ave
  • 110 SE Malcolm Ave
  • 300 SE Cecil St, near East River Terrace
  • SE Sidney Place at SE Arthur Ave
  • SE Malcolm Ave & SE Orlin Ave in front of Prospect Park Methodist Church
  • SE Melbourne Ave, near SE Orlin Ave
  • SE Franklin Ave & East River Terrace
  • SE Orlin Ave, near SE Emerald Ave

Bicycles 612-348-8240.
Building Contractors’ Licenses 612-673-3001.
Dogs & Cats 612-673-2050.
Hennepin County Licenses & Certificates Service Center 612-348-8240.
Rental Licensing Info 612-673-3701.
State Driver and Vehicle Services 651-296-6911. Transportation Bldg, St. Paul.
State Vehicle Inspections, Minnehaha Ave., Minneapolis.

Geographic Information Systems Center (GIS) 612-673-2461.
General Minneapolis maps.
Minnesota Geological Survey 612-626-2969, 2609 Territorial Ave. W., St. Paul.
Skyway Maps and Info 612-673-2411.
City Voter Information, Minneapolis Ward & Precinct Maps 612-673-2070.

Block Party Permits 612-673-2735.
Heritage Preservation 612-673-2597.
Minneapolis Center for Neighborhoods
Minneapolis Community Development Agency (MCDA) 612-673-6232.
Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) 612-378-1215.

Parks & Recreation
General Park Information 612-230-6400 www.minneapolisparks.org.
People for Parks 612-767-6892 www.peopleforparks.net.
Park Maintenance 612-230-6400.
Permits for Special Uses 612-230-6400.
Picnics 612-230-6400.
Recreation Centers & Playground Activities 612-230-6400 www.minneapolisparks.org.
Skating Rink and Cross-Country Skiing hotline 612-313-7708.
Chergosky Park, SE Sharon Ave @ SE Warwick St.
Luxton Park 612-370-4925, 112 SE Williams Ave.
River Gorge Park, south of East River Pkwy.
Slovak Park, West River Pkwy @ SE Ontario St.
Tower Hill Park, SE Malcolm Ave/SE Clarence Ave at SE Orlin Ave.
Van Cleve Park 612-370-4926, 921 SE 15th Ave.
Swimming, U of M 612-624-7050, (Aquatic Center & Cooke Hall).
Swimming, Rosacker Pool 612-370-4937, 1520 NE Johnson St.
Swimming, Phillips Pool 612-370-4946, 2323 11th Ave S.
Tennis Court, Tower Hill Park, SE Malcolm Ave @ SE Orlin Ave.
Tennis Court, South St. Anthony Park, Crowell St @ Territorial Rd, St. Paul.

City Planning Department 612-673-2597.
Zoning Information 612-673-5836.

Emergencies 911.
CCP/SAFE (Community Crime Prevention) 673-3015.
Alternatives to Calling the Police - a participatory, horizonally-organized effort by local citizens.
Minneapolis Police, 2nd Precinct, Non-Emergency 612-673-5702, 1911 NE Central Ave.
Minneapolis Police, 2nd Precinct, Investigation 612-673-5702, 1911 NE Central Ave.
Southside Harm Reduction Services 612-615-9725 Syringes and Drug Overdose
Minneapolis Police, Headquarters 348-9392, (City Hall) to file a report.
Minneapolis Police, Headquarters, Non-Emergency, 348-2345, (City Hall.)
Civilian Police Review 612-370-3800.
Park Police 612-370-4777.

Property Taxes
City Assessor 612-673-2387, 309 S 2nd Ave.
County Assessor 612-348-3011, property tax questions.
Senior Citizen Ombudsman/Tax Info 612-673-3004.
"This Old House" 612-673-2382, property tax exemption.

Public Housing
Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA) 612-342-1400.
Glendale Public Housing 612-342-1510.

Public Records
Birth, Death and Marriage 612-348-8241.
Real Estate 612-348-3050, Hennepin County Government Center.

Schools (SE Planning District)
De LaSalle High School 612-676-7600, 1 DeLaSalle Dr.
Holos (PEASE Academy) 612-378-1377, 601 SE 13th Ave.
Minneapolis Public Schools 612-668-0000.
Board of Education Meetings & Agenda
Early Childhood Family Education 612-668-2127, 2410 Girard Ave N.
Community Educational Services 612-668-3939, 2225 E. Lake St.
Homework Help with real Teachers 612-529-9622.
Volunteer to tutor in the schools 612-668-3880.
St. Anthony Park Elementary 651-293-8735, 2180 Knapp St., St. Paul.
Marcy Open School 612-668-1020, 415 SE 4th Ave.
Marcy/Holmes Minneapolis Kids (Latch Key) 612-668-1024.
Pratt Community School 612-668-1122, 66 SE Malcolm Ave.
Pratt Minneapolis Kids 612-668-1104
Sanford Middle School 612-668-4900, 3542 42nd Ave S.
South High School 612-668-4300, 3131 19th Ave S.

Snow Emergencies
Plowing schedules andparking restrictions 612-348-SNOW (612-348-7669).
Snow plowing or sanding requests 612-673-5720.

Reporting unsafe sidewalks or unshoveled walks 612-673-2441.

Streets & Alleys
Block Party permits 612-673-2735.
Reporting potholes; needed cleaning/repair of guardrails, curbs 612-673-5720.
Sewer Odor problems 612-681-4500.
Street use permits 612-673-5720.
Storm Sewer problems 612-673-5600.
Streetlight out (metal poles) 612-673-5750.
Streetlight out (wooden poles) 612-630-4550.

Impound Lot 612-673-5777, 51 N Colfax Ave.
Automobile abandoned on street 612-335-5932.

Natural Gas 612-372-4727, CenterPoint Energy (Minnegasco).
Natural Gas Leaks (24-hour) 612-372-5050, CenterPoint Energy (Minnegasco).

Electricity 1-800-895-4999, Xcel Energy (Northern States Power).
Electricity Lights Out (24-hour) 1-800-895-1999, Xcel Energy (Northern States Power).

Telephone 1-800-244-1111, Century Link Communications.
Telephone Repair Service 1-800-573-1311, Century Link Communications.

Wi-Fi Internet Service 952-253-3262 City of Minneapolis (US Internet)
Satellite Television 1-877-471-1706 DIRECTV
Cable Television 612-522-2000, Xfinity Cable (Comcast).

Water & Sewer 311 or 612-673-3000, City of Minneapolis.
Water & Sewer Emergencies (24-hour) 612-673-5600, City of Minneapolis.
Solid Waste & Recycling 311 or 612-673-3000, City of Minneapolis.

Hazardous Waste Disposal 612-348-8984, Hennepin County.
Vouchers for hauling large items 612- 673-2917, collection of leaves and yard waste.
Garbage cart damage 612-673-2917, City of Minneapolis.
Water/Solid Waste Billing 612-673-1114, City of Minneapolis.