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Pratt Community Center

612-668-1100, 66 SE Malcolm Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55414.
Coordinator: Jan Thurn. Office Hours: M-F: 9am-5pm.
Building Hours: M-F 8am-9pm. FAX: 612-668-1110.
Evening hours support tri-annual 9-week Community Education sessions.

A School and Community Partnership
Pratt Community Center was created in 1982 when Pratt Elementary School was closed. In 2000, Pratt reopened as an elementary school phasing in one grade/year and now is a pre-K through grade 5 school.

The Center hosts a thriving Community Education Program of classes for families and adults, Monday through Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. Classes include a variety of languages, writing, defensive driving, creative arts, real estate, fitness, health and wellness, dance, and family activities. See further information about Minneapolis Public Schools Community Education, or call 612-668-1100.

Community Programs now . Annual events include: the Pratt Ice Cream Social (first Friday after Memorial Day), and summer concerts.

In 1998, the Prospect Park neighborhood celebrated Pratt's Centennial.

Pratt Community Center Council

66 SE Malcolm Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55414.
A non-profit organization of volunteers who provide influence and advice on the use of the Minneapolis Public School's Pratt Community Education Center and Village Green Park as a neighborhood resource and service.

The Pratt Council was formed in the early 1980s for the primary purpose of saving Pratt School, which was slated to be closed by the Minneapolis Public School district at that time. Pratt School had always been valued as an important gathering place in the community. Community members also felt that with the loss of four other schools in southeast Minneapolis and the demolition of three schools, it was important to maintain the possibility of this elementary school returning to its original purpose at some point in the future. The Pratt Council, with the support of Pratt Community Education, came together to develop a vision for keep the building open as a community center. The center ran Community Education programs and housed other community services and organizations, including the Loft Literary Center, with over a thousand people entering the building from morning until evening each week. Community Programs housed included: Block Nurse/Living At Home, Senior Outreach and JOY Seniors Social & Educational Events, after-school program, and before-and-after school care. Special events such as the Pratt Ice Cream Social, Pancake Breakfast & Boot Sale were also sponsored by the Council.

In 2000 the original dream of the Pratt Council was fulfilled when Pratt re-opened as a school, and is now serving over three-hundred students in grades Pre-K through 5. Since that time Pratt Council has continued to serve in its original functions of fundraising for Pratt staff positions; the gardens and playground equipment; upkeep of the historical features of the building; and advising on partnerships, Community Education programs, and community events. Meanwhile, the current Pratt School families, staff, and PTO have developed active involvement in the current and future functions and goals of Pratt. Things have come “full circle” and we are excited and grateful for the strong return of Pratt Community School.

We are confident in the future of Pratt. Therefore, the Council has decided to evolve into a different role. We no longer plan on annual fundraising (through Friends of Pratt) as the current district budget and PTO efforts will work toward meeting the fiscal needs of the school. Our remaining funds will be devoted to the purchase of two Pratt playground benches; one final year of funding the Volunteer Coordinator position, the Luxton Park Fire & Ice, the youth summer “Luxton Learners” program, and the Prospect Park Summer Concerts. Remaining funds after these efforts will be administered through the Prospect Park Co-op Legacy Fund on a grant basis. Support of the Joy in Learning program will continue through Pratt Community Education and Southeast Seniors. The Pratt Ice Cream Social will continue as a partnership between the Pratt PTO, the neighborhood planning committee, and Luxton Park.

Pratt Council will meet quarterly (instead of monthly) to advise on ideas for classes, community partnerships, and marketing efforts for Pratt Community Education. It has been our pleasure to serve for almost thirty-five years in the vital role of saving Pratt and all it represents to the strength of our community. We invite you to join us for our quarterly meetings; please contact Jan Thurn at 612-668-1100 or if you would like to receive the quarterly meeting notices. If you have any questions about the Pratt Council please contact Susan Larson-Fleming at 612-616-1905.