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    Tour the Surly Brewery, Prospect Park – Minneapolis, Minnesota

The prospect north area of prospect park

North of the University of Minnesota Transitway lies the Southeast Minneapolis Industrial Area (SEMI)—the wild frontier of Prospect Park—now called Prospect North. SEMI is home to a few businesses, but is typified by its disused grain storage silos and railyards. The University of Minnesota Foundation is coordinating a consorium of groups collaborating on 21st-century plans for redeveloping Prospect North into a regenerative energy area with a Science Park, though proposals have a long horizon and many hurdles to overcome.

In late 2014, the Surly Destination Brewery opened amid the silos, bringing new life to this neglected expanse of Minneapolis. The area's urban ruins are visible from many points in the city, most notably the ADM-Delmar #4 elevator, known to locals as the "United Crushers" elevator.