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    Prospect Park – Minneapolis, Minnesota


General Contact: E-mail. Phone: 612-767-6531.

Administrative and Communications Coordinator:
Liza Davitch - handles PPA's administrative details, coordinates board agendas, compiles board packet information, manages PPA event calendar listings, creates newsletter and social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

Volunteer Staff

PPA staff, of course, includes many volunteer staff people and interns, that enable us to function effectively. Examples are dedicated committee chairs, our webmaster, our neighborhood E-list managers, etc.

Prospect Park Association (PPA) relies primarily on community volunteers to create and deliver projects and services. PPA currently has one part-time staff person to support volunteers. We receive funding from the City of Minneapolis, community members, and small project-specific grants from businesses and nonprofits. PPA was incorporated in 1980 as the Prospect Park East River Road Improvement Association (PPERRIA), becoming PPA in 2016.