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community GUIDE: social services

(last revised, 2013-10-04.)

Crisis/Emergency Numbers
Adult Protection 612-348-8526.
Adult Psychiatric Emergencies (COPE) 612-596-1223
Ambulance 911.
Battered Women 612-825-0000.
Child Crisis 612-348-2233.
Child Protection 612-348-3552 (911 if emergency).
Crime Stoppers 612-452-7463.
Crisis Intervention 612-347-3161.
Domestic Abuse Project 612-874-7063
Fire 911.
First Call for Help 612-335-5000.
Hennepin County Medical Center Emergency Room 612-347-3131, 701 Park Ave S.
Men's Crisis Help Line 612-379-6367 (379-MENS)
Police 911.
Poison Center 612-347-3141.
Sexual Assault Resource Service (SARS) 612-873-5832
Sexual Violence Center 612-871-5111.
Sheriff Tip Line 612-348-8543
Suicide Prevention 612-347-2222.

Civil Rights 673-3012.
Citizen Council Victim Services 340-3552.
Minneapolis Civil Rights 673-3012.
Native Americans 673-3028.
People with Disabilities 673-2735.
Sign Language Coordinator 673-3220.
Small Businesses 348-4000.

Daycare Centers, Nursery Schools & Information

Children’s Village Montessori 612-378-7730, 2929 SE University Ave., Suite 195. Contract with Hennepin County for Non-Win and special needs. Children 2-1/2 yrs-6 yrs, M-F 7am-6pm.

Como Early Learning Center, www.comoelc.com 612-331-8340, 1024 SE 27th Ave. State licensed. M-F 7am-5:30pm. Children 16 mo. - 5 yrs. Capacity 45 children. Full- or part-time care.

Early Childhood Family Education, Minneapolis Public Schools Community Education. 612-668-2127 Multi-language classes for parents & children, 0-5yrs, www.ecfe.mpls.k12.mn.us

First Step Early Childhood Education Center (Genesis II for Families) 612-877-7821, 3036 SE University Ave. Serving infants, toddlers & preschoolers M-F 7:00am-6:00pm. Licensed Rule 3, Parent Aware Rated, NAEYC accreditation pending.

Minnesota Child Care Resource and Referral Network, for Twin Cities: 651-665-0150, www.mnchildcare.org, 380 Lafayette Frontage Rd, Ste. 103, St. Paul

International Childcare Center, Inc. 612-331-4266, 2812 SE University Ave SE. Child Care and Day Care Center. www.childcarecenter.us

Kinder Care Learning Centers 612-623-4642, 525 SE Huron St. NAEYC accredited, Toddlers-Kindergarten. Full-time to hourly care, 6:30am-6:00pm, www.kindercare.com.

Miniapple International Montessori, 612-378-9375, 1125 SE 5th St, www.miniapplemontessori.com.

PICA/HeadStart, Parents in Community Action Family Service Center 612-874-7422, 96 SE St. Mary’s Ave. Child and family development, education for pre-school children. PICA Offices 612-374-8309, www.picaheadstart.org/locations/glendale.html.

East Side Neighborhood Service, Inc. (ESNS)

331-8676, Luxton Community Center, 112 SE St.Mary’s Pl. ESNS is a United Way Agency for NE and SE Minneapolis established in 1915! Social services delivered through Luxton Park and Pratt Community Center facilities, address neighborhood needs. Marnette Gordon, Ann Munt, Pat Tritz, Mark Youngdale staff ESNS at Luxton. ESNS hosts meetings of the SE Human Services Network on first Tuesdays of the month, 1:00 pm.

ESNS Youth Services
Movers & Shakers School readiness for ages 3-5 and
Homework assistance for ages 6-8.
Tutoring & School Assistance.
Individual Counseling Social Skills & Groups.
Children’s Holiday Gift Shop.
Teen Gift Program.
Residential Camping.
Field Trips.
Adolescent Parents Prevention programs, groups and services for adolescent mothers and fathers and their children.

ESNS Families and Individuals
Start Right Family Parenting program including free dinner
6-8:30pm presently on Thursdays.
Family Violence Assistance and advocacy for domestic abuse issues & prevention programs.
Counseling and Advocacy for court, housing, schools, welfare.
Family Camp.
Salvation Army Christmas
Voter Registration.

ESNS Financial Counseling/Assistance with Forms
Tax Assistance in Feb & March.
Energy Assistance (Northeast Neighborhood House).
Assistance with Budgeting.
Assistance with Complicated Forms and Applications.

Other Services from the Northeast office of East Side Neighborhood Service, Inc.
781-6011, 1929 NE 2nd St.
Camp Bovey (northern Wisconsin) Summer camping for kids ages 8-14.
Employment Department STRIDE & MFIP resume preparation and job search.
Family Violence Program Assistance to victims of violence; retraining of perpetrators.
Senior Programs Friendship Center 781-2052, 2013 NE Central Ave. Day activity and Alzheimer’s programs.
The Senior Place 788-9186, 1801 NE Central Ave
NE Child Development Center.
Students with Children 872-9871, St. Mark’s Cathedral, 519 Oak Grove St. Jan Chergosky.

Food Services
Care and Share FoodShelf 342-1954, 92 SE St.Mary’s Ave. Tu-Th afternoons.
Community Emergency Service 870-1125, Augustana Lutheran Church, 1900 11th Ave S.
M-F 1:30 pm-4:30 pm.
Food, clothing & resources.
Minnesota Food Share 721-8687. Directory of Food Shelves.
Southeast Meals on Wheels 332-4262. Good Samaritan Care Center. Hot meals for people unable to cook; accepts food stamps. Free delivery by volunteers.

Health Care
Alternative, Specialized Services, Age Groups, Low Income
SE Seniors Block Nurse Program 331-2302.

First Care Pregnancy Center 612-260-2013, 2900 SE University Ave
HospiceLink 800/331-1620.
Shriner’s Hospital for Crippled Children 335-5300, 2025 E River Pkwy.
Therapeutic Massage 331-3963, Eileen Ferguson, 2331 SE University Ave, #121.
Therapeutic Massage 722-6677, Marilyn Kales, 3607 E 26th Ave.
Therapeutic Massage 728-9242, Pat Kerber, 3708 E 34th St.
Acupressure/Yoga 612-788-1822, Listening to the Body, 2242 University Ave W, St. Paul.
Acupuncture 331-4529, Prospect Park Chiropractic Clinic, 3404 SE University Ave.
Acupuncture 379-3583, TCM Health Center, 1313 SE 5th St, Suite 123.
Twin Cities Feldenkrais Center 651-917-7147, 2515 Franklin Ave W, St. Paul.

Prospect Park Chiropractic Clinic 331-4529, 3404 SE University Ave.
Community Circle Chiropractic & Massage 331-3963, 2331 SE University Ave, #121.

Kelly Institute 651-917-8337, 2700 University Ave W, St. Paul. Outpatient counselling, Kathy Mostrom.
Freeport West 378-7440, 1 SE 27th Ave. Halfway house for male juveniles
Anna C Hampton, PhD, LCP 331-4166, 69 SE Arthur Ave.
Ken Schmitz 651-659-0294, 2469 University Avenue W, St Paul. Individual and Couples Therapy.
Chris Meadows, PhD, LP 538-1067, 22 SE Orlin Ave
MidWest Center for Personal & Family Development 651-647-1900, 2550 University Ave W, St. Paul.

Dental Services
U of M Dental School Children’s Clinic 625-7171, #6-406 Moos Tower.
Richard Bevis 379-2424, 2701 SE University Ave. Orthodontia.
Steven Means & Theresa Lalomia 378-1909, 2221 SE University Ave.
Patti Froeber 379-2428, 312 SE Central Ave.
Kurt Witte 331-1058, 1601 SE Como Ave.

Hospitals & Clinics
Abbott-Northwestern Hospital Citizens Clinic 863-1089, 800 E 28th St.
Abbott-Northwestern Hospital WomenCare 863-4655, 800 E 28th St.
Abbott-Northwestern Hospital Social Service 863-4392, 800 E 28th St.
Abbott Northwestern Hospital Minimally Invasive Care 863-2000, 800 E 28th St.
Community University Health Care Center 627-4774, 2001 Bloomington Ave S.
FairviewHealthWorks Occupational Health Resources 379-7244, 3329 SE University Ave
Fairview/University Hospitals 626-3000, Pediatric Clinic 624-6463, 516 SE Delaware St.
Health & Family Support Center 673-2301, 250 S. 4th St.
Health Partners Cardiopuliminary Lifestyle Management 651-221-3479, 2635 University Ave. W, #165, St. Paul.
Health Partners Como Clinic 651-641-6200, 2500 Como Ave, St. Paul.
Health Partners Ramsey Health Center for Women 651-221-8989, 2635 University Ave. W., 3160, St. Paul
Health Partners Riverside Clinic 371-1600, 2220 Riverside Ave., Mpls.
Health Partners Same Day Surgery Center 651-228-8110, 2635 University Ave. W, 3100, St. Paul.
Hennepin County Community Childhood Immunization 348-2884, 525 Portland Ave S.
Hennepin County Children’s Dental Lab 673-2160.
Hennepin County Neighborhood Health Care Network 489-2273.
Hennepin County Medical Center 347-2121, 701 Park Ave.
Hennepin County Red Door Clinic (STD) 348-6363, 525 Portland Ave.
Hennepin County Immunization Services 348-2741, 525 Portland Ave.
Hennepin County Childhood Immunization in the Community Program 348-2884.
Hennepin County Women-Infant-Children (WIC) 348-2584, 701 Park Ave.
Metro Visiting Nurse Association—Flu Shots, Seasonal, 378-5800.
People’s Center Medical Clinic 332-4973, 2000 S 5th St.
Smiley’s Point Family Practice Clinic 333-0770, 2615 E Franklin Ave.
State Health Dept Public Health Education 623-5199, 717 SE Delaware St.

Housing (See also Public Services)
City Inc. 724-3689. Programs for public housing.
Minneapolis Community Development Agency (MCDA) 673-5285. Housing Rehabilitation. Rental problems, tenant advocacy 673-3003. Section 8 Housing 342-1480.
Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity 331-4090, 3001 SE 4th St.

Jobs and Vocational Training

Glendale/Prospect Park Youth Education/Employment, Jerry Stein 623-0588.
Jobs Hot Line 673-2666.
Minneapolis Dept of Neighborhood Services 673-2638. Temp services for teens.
School-to-Career Services Program /Summer Jobs for Youth Program 673-5700.
Teens Business Partners Program/Summer Mentoring 673-2637.
Working Opportunities for Women (WOW) 651-647-9961, 2700 University Ave W, St. Paul.
Youth Employment Program (NRP) at Marcy-Holmes School 627-7476, 415 SE 4th St.

Legal Aid
Legal Aid Society of Mpls 334-5970, 2929 S 4th Ave. Legal services and court representation on civil cases to low-income residents at the Southside Legal Aid offices.
Minneapolis Mediation Program 871-0639, 2429 Nicollet Ave. Alternative dispute resolution.

Men’s Groups
(see also Church/Mosques/Synagogues in Neighborhood Services)

Twin Cities Men’s Center 612-822-5892, 3249 Hennepin Ave. S. #55. Support groups, workshops, anger management classes, men's conferences and men’s resource clearinghouse for men dealing with divorce, parenting issues, relationships, anger, spirituality, sexuality, and health.

ManKind Project Minnesota, 1-888-533-3009, P.O. Box 141019, Minneapolis, MN 55414. Men's Issues, Men's Support, Men's Experiential Retreats/Training, Men's Community.

Sexual Violence Center of Hennepin County • 24-hour crisis phone 612-871-5111, counseling for male and female survivors, secondary survivors of sexual assault and abuse of all ages. Support groups, long-term counseling, education. 3757 Fremont Ave N., Minneapolis 55412. 612-/871-5100.

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice Community Action, Inc. (RJCA) works in Minneapolis neighborhoods to enhance offender accountability for urban livability crimes by empowering local citizens to participate directly in the justice process.
Contact the 2nd Precinct Community Coordinator at 612-746-0782.

JOY Older Adults (55+) 378-2714, at Pratt Community Center. Eleanor Montgomery, Coordinator. Meets 2nd Wednesdays and 4th Tuesdays. Council meeting. Free newsletter. Activities: Educational programs, potluck dinners, book groups, volunteer work for community, trips.
SouthEast Seniors 331-2302, 2828 SE University Ave, Suite 200. A living-at-home Block Nurse Program.
University Good Samaritan Center 332-4262, 22 SE 27th Ave. FAX: 673-6270. Group activities open to seniors in the community; fitness center.
Senior Services Ombudsman 673-3004. Helps seniors connect with city programs and services to the community (for example, help with shovelling walks). Tax services available.
Senior Linkage Line 333-2433. Provides info on services and programs for seniors.
Senior Companion Program 872-1719. People over 60 helping other seniors.

Support Groups

Prospect Park AA 339-3023, St. Frances Cabrini Church, lower level, 1500 SE Franklin Ave. Wednesdays 5:30.
Nar-Anon 379-425, Midway YMCA, 1761 University Ave W, St. Paul. Mondays 6:45.
AA/AlAnon/Alateen 672-7272, Fairview-University Medical Center (mixed groups).
Adult Children Anonymous (ACA) 574-0903.
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Intergroup 952-922-0880, 7204 W. 27th St, Suite 113, St. Louis Park 55426.
Al-Anon/Alateen Information Services 952-920-3961, 7204 W. 27th St, Suite 101, St. Louis Park 55426.
Emotions Anonymous 651-647-9712.
Families Anonymous 1-800-736-9805.
Overeaters Anonymous 825-2312.
Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) 458-3240.

Women’s Groups
(see also Churches/Mosques/Synagogues in Neighborhood Services)

Tubman Center for Women (formerly Chrysalis Women's Center 612-871-2603, 4432 Chicago Ave #1, Minneapolis, MN 55407. Support Groups, Assistance with housing, divorce, chemical dependecy, financial problems, education.

FamilyWise 612-877-7835 & 612-617-0191, 3036 SE University Ave. Individual counseling, group therapy, training workshops, assertiveness training. Committed to ending violence and keeping families safe.

Harriet Tubman Women’s Shelter, 612-825-0000 3111 1st Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408. Emergency shelter, advocacy, and referral for battered women and their children. Counseling available.

Sexual Violence Center of Hennepin County • 24-hour crisis phone 612-871-5111, counseling for male and female survivors, secondary survivors of sexual assault and abuse of all ages. Support groups, long-term counseling, education. 3757 Fremont Ave N., Minneapolis 55412. 612-/871-5100.

Youth Activities/Groups
(see also Churches /Mosques/Synagogues in Neighborhood Services and activities listed in Community Information: under Luxton Park Community Center & Pratt Community Center.)

The Bridge for Runaway Youth 825-4357, 2200 Emerson Ave S. Emergency food, clothing and shelter for runaway youth, counseling.

Crisis Connection 379-6363. Emergency and referral phone service, general counseling, medical advice, legal, psychiatric referrals, drug information, suicide prevention, crisis counseling, sexually transmitted disease hotline.

Boy Scout Council 763-545-4550, 5300 Glenwood Ave, Golden Valley.

Campfire Boys & Girls 651-647-4407, 2610 University Ave W, St. Paul.

Cub Scout Pack 91 331-4013, serves Southeast/Northeast Minneapolis.

Girl Scout Council 871-1944, 2520 Park Ave, Minneapolis

Prospect Park 4-H Club 378-3933, Lynn Moluf.

Teen Teamworks 661-4889. (summer park maintenance jobs)

What’s Up? 399-9999. Information line for recreation,
tutoring, volunteer activities.

YouthCARE, Young Women’s Mentoring Program, 2701 University Ave. SE, Suite 205, Minneapolis, MN 55414 Contact: Chloe Moriarty (612) 338-1233 ex. 21, cmoriarty@YouthCAREmn.org