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    Prospect Park – Minneapolis, Minnesota

fire & ice Festival

Luxton Park
112 SE Williams Avenue
Saturday, February 4, 2023, 6:00-8pm;

Note for 2023

Tree Pick Up: January 25th

Fire & Ice takes place at Luxton Park, typically the first Saturday in February. This event brings together residents young and old to enjoy a family-friendly evening of fun! The event's signature draw is a huge bonfire made up of dried-up holiday trees and wreaths, but the food, live music and horse-drawn hayrides are certainly of interest as well!

Customary Fire & Ice activities

  • Bonfire
  • Horse-drawn Hayrides!
  • Music
  • Book exchange / sale
  • Food
  • Hot Drinks
  • Good Cheer

Begun in 1995, Fire & Ice originated from civic-minded Prospect Park residents as a result of the neighborhood involvement projects encouraged through the city's NRP program. Over the years Fire & Ice has been held in sub-zero and mild weather, in deep snow and on dry ground.

The tradition is to have a safely monitored bonfire by enforcing the limit on flame height along with the Minneapolis fire marshal and the Park Police, who are invited to attend.