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PPA Renter's Curriculum

The Prospect Park Association (PPA) Renter's Curriculum covers basic information on:

  • searching for apartments,
  • leasing them,
  • moving out,
  • legal and supportive resources for renters,
  • a guide on how to talk with landlords and organize with other tenants,
  • and a discussion board for renters!

To sign up for Prospect Park Association's Renter's Curriculum, please fill out the form here. You will receive an email confirmation when your "moodle account" is ready. Thank you for using this resource! 

The PPA Community Building Committee handles quality-of-life issues for all neighborhood residents including homeowners and renters. Contact: co-chairs Susan Larson Fleming and Jerry Stein to be added to our updates list.

Minutes from previous renters meetings.


Prospect Park RENTER FACTS 2021

  • Of the roughly 14,000 Prospect Park residents, over two-thirds rent their home.
  • There are 367 rental licenses in Prospect Park
  • Of the licensed rental residences in Prospect Park:
    • 52% are single family rentals (193 homes)
    • 19% are duplexes (71 buildings, 142 units)
    • 7% are fourplexes (24 buildings, 96 units)
    • 35 buildings have between 5 and 20 units
    • 11 buildings have between 20 and 50 units
    • 11 buildings have between 50 and 100 units
    • 8 buildings have over 100 units
  • The largest building in Prospect Park is WaHu at 1016 University Ave SE, which has 313 units. According to the building's rental license, it is owned by Michael Thomas Smith of Wilmington, Delaware.
  • Of building owners, 178 (49%) listed Minneapolis as their address. Of building owners, 42 provided addresses outside of Minnesota.
  • Of license applicants, 209 (57%) listed Minneapolis as their address. Of license applicants, only 4 provided addresses outside of Minnesota.
  • Most property owners and license applicants have only one property. Some have between two and four properties. Two people appear to own 10 or more Prospect Park properties:
    • Rick Bergman, who contracts with Parallel Realty (see their facebook reviews), and owns 10 properties
    • The Hornig family (Bernadette, Jon, and David), who own 14 properties