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history - 2003 history book "UNDER THE WITCH'S HAT"

The product of years of work by the PPERRIA History Committee, this book appeared for sale during the Pratt Ice Cream Social of 2003-05-30. Funding came from the Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP), PPERRIA and the Consumer Association for Community Action. The PPERRIA History Committee is composed of Betts Zerby (chair), Mary Alice Kopf, Florence Littman and Karen Murdock.

Table of contents - "under The Witch's Hat" a Prospect Park East River Road Neighborhood History 2003"

Editor's Preface
Prologue–View From the Tower 1896 to 1946
Our Place
Our People
Our Organizations and Events
Our Neighborhood's Businesses
Our Squabbles, Skirmishes & Sieges
Epilogue–View From the Tower in 2050
Maps and Photos
For Further Reading
Prospect Park East River Road Neighborhood Revitalization Program
Map and Census Data