• Prospect Park Minneapolis Glendale Area

    Prospect Park – Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Glendale area of prospect park

Glendale is best known for the 60-year-old public housing development for which it's named. But Glendale is also the site of a dozen single-family homes, the green space of Luxton Park and the Luxton Community Center.

An exceptional example of Mid-century American public housing, the Glendale Townhomes development was constructed in 1952 along a loop of streets just east of 27th Avenue SE and south of University Avenue SE. Named after two Minneapolis aldermen, Glen Wallace and Dale Stanchfield, Glendale has 184 single-family units that are administered by the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority.

As of 2015, the future of the Glendale Townhomes is uncertain. Rehabilitation and/or redevelopment of the site are currently under consideration. See these links for more information.

Luxton Park, part of the Minneapolis Parks System, is a 4.5-acre recreation area with a basketball court, community gardens, picnic areas, a soccer and softball field, wading pool and walking path. Luxton Community Center lies at the center of the park.