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    Prospect Park – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Geography of prospect park Neighborhood

(Notes from a neighborhood presentation by neighborhood geographer Karen Murdock, 2008-05-08.)

Physical Geography: Various Rock Layers

Platteville Limestone
Glenwood Shale
- an aquitard (doesn't hold water); the "perched water" above the shale may flow out as springs.
St. Peter Sandstone - an aquifer (holds water)

The last ice age

The last Ice Age 12,000 years ago created most of our environments — glacial geography.

Tower Hill is a "kame" — old English for "mound of sand and gravel deposited by a glacier." The rest of Prospect Park is glacial till.

The Mississippi River Gorge formed by retreating water falls, a transient feature. The falls were at Ft. Snelling 12,000 years ago, and at Prospect Park 3-4,000 years ago. They are now St. Anthony falls in downtown Minneapolis.